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Xiaomi Mi 8 Se : Price, Full Phone Specification Review – Gsmleaks.com


Xiaomi Mi 8 Se : Price, Full Phone Specification Review – Gsmleaks.com

Xiaomi Mi 8 SE is a mini version of the Mi 8, designed for users who are attracted to small screen phones. The Mi 8 SE comes with a 5.88-inch AMOLED display which is equivalent to the traditional 5.2 inches smartphones. That is because it utilises the 18.7:9 aspect ratio. In terms of configuration, the mi 8 SE debuts as the world’s first phone with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 chipset. The octa-core processor is coupled with Adreno 616 graphics that promises 35% better rendering of graphics. On the camera aspect, the Mi 8SE sports a 12MP + 5MP dual camera setup at the rear. The rear camera comes with a 1.4um pixel size on the main sensor as well as dual-core, 206 AI scenes recognition, as well as portrait mode support. The front camera is a 20MP camera with self-timer which is still active even in low light condition. A 3120 mAh battery powers the Mi 8 SE and it supports 18W Quick Charge 3.0 over the USB-C port for quick top-ups.

The Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer edition clearly and quite justifiably soaked up all the spotlight within Xiaomi’s latest flagship lineup. However, as the smoke clears, the value Mi 8 SE is the one gathering fan gazes, left and right. Indeed, on paper, it offers quite the package, without breaking the bank. In some ways, it’s almost too good to be true.

Whether you like Xiaomi or not, it’s hard to deny the Chinese OEM’s rise to prominence over its relatively short eight-year lifespan. As far as celebrations go, the number-skipping Mi 8 lineup is pretty impressive, for more than a few reasons.

With Mi 8 SE, Xiaomi has opted to use the premium quality materials. The phone features popular glass sandwich design, with a glass display and a glass back, both of which are held together by an aluminum frame. We have the gold color variant with us and it looks absolutely beautiful. Although I am happy with the phone’s design, the use of glass back does mean that the Mi 8 SE is more fragile than other Xiaomi phones which normally use a full metallic body. So, you might want to put a case on it as soon as you get the device.

The Xiaomi Mi 8 SE packs a 3120 mAh battery which easily powers the device for the whole day. In my day-to-day usage conditions which involve about one hour of calls, 2-3 hours of social media and article reading, 2-3 hours of music and podcast playback and about 30-45 minutes of gaming.

 The Snapdragon 710 along with the OLED screen helps in reducing the power consumption which helps a lot. There’s also Quick Charge 3.0 support which will help you top off the battery very fast.  If you want to extend the battery life, you should install a dark theme from the MIUI Theme Store or use a black wallpaper. That said, it’s still a one day phone and you cannot go two days without charge no matter how judiciously you use this phone.


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