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Oppo F9 - Full Phone Specification - GSMLeaks.Com


Oppo F9 – Full Phone Specification

Since the release of OPPO FIND X, due to its novel comprehensive screen solution and the largest screen ratio on the market, it can be said that the topic has been constant, and in order to meet the needs of users, the FIND X is now sold, in addition to the Lamborghini version, and Bordeaux. Red and ice blue are two colors. Recently, the white version of FIND X has been exposed. It can be said that it is amazing. However, its price of 4,999 yuan, the main high-end market, many people are discouraged. Oppo Find X – Full Phone Specification.

Therefore, in the face of the mid-end market, OPPO will naturally launch its own mid-range models. Recently, according to foreign media disclosure, OPPO will launch the OPPO F9 mid-range machine in August. And what about this phone? Let’s take a look at it.


From the exposure map, we can see that the OPPO F9 will be equipped with a dual camera, while the back does not seem to have a fingerprint unlocking area. At the same time as the F9 release, the F9 Pro, the high-end version of the F9, will also be released at the same time, which will be equipped with the MediaTek P60 processor.

It is reported that OPPO F series also includes F9 Pro models, using the same Bluetooth module as Oppo F7, Oppo F7 Youth, Oppo R15 and Realme 1, it is expected to load MediaTek P60 chipset, based on the new 12nm manufacturing process of Taiwan-based power, CPU main The frequency can reach up to 2.0GHz.

According to foreign media reports, this OPPO F9 mobile phone will use a rear dual-lens lens, in view of the OPPO F series models are mostly self-timer-centric, we have reason to expect this F9 series models unexpected surprises . From the poster point of view, OPPO F9 does not seem to match the rear fingerprint recognition module, the screen fingerprint or the side fingerprint or the new recognition unlock technology we still do not know.

Although, this model does not have a lot of exposure information, for now, we can see that this model is positioned at the mid-end. Given the high price of the previous OPPO Find X, this model will obviously be more intimate. It is reported that this mobile phone will be released overseas in August, and a mid-range machine for overseas users will develop the mobile phone market with progress.

On this poster, you can also see the words Coming Soon, “coming soon”, it is estimated that it will not let everyone wait too long.

Are you satisfied with such OPPO F9? Oppo F9 – Full Phone Specification


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