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    Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Will Have 8GB Ram And 512GB Storage – Gsmleaks.com


    Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Will Have 8GB Ram And 512GB Storage – Gsmleaks.com

    The official Samsung Galaxy Note 9 launch date is August 9, after an invite was sent out by Samsung on June 27. The unveiling will happen in Brooklyn, New York at 11am EST (8am PST, 4pm BST).

    It’s the next big Android smartphone to release, and it’ll be here next month. It means the new Galaxy Note phablet will arrive earlier than previous years – we’re used to late August for the announcement. Samsung is the only company who over time are improving their products, bringing in innovation, improving on the current standards and providing features that are essential to a user, proving that they are indeed the king of the smartphone world. Galaxy S7 was the start, they just took the formula mixed in some industry innovation and there you have it, Galaxy S8, a stunning device feels really good in hands, hiding the fact that it’s got a 5.8-inch display; other killer specs to go along as well.

    Unlike the design, the display on the Galaxy Note 9 is likely to remain the same as its predecessor, at least in terms of size and resolution (6.3 inches, WQHD+). The display panel will no doubt be of a higher quality compared to last year’s Note, just as the Galaxy S9 screen comes with numerous improvements over the S8’s, with color reproduction that’s said to be “visually indistinguishable from perfect.” Whether the Note 9 will have a screen even better than the S9 and S9+ remains to be seen.  And Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Will Have 8GB Ram And 512GB Storage.

    With dual rear cameras introduced on the Galaxy Note 8, there’s no doubt we’ll see two cameras on the back of the Galaxy Note 9. Basically, what you see on the Galaxy S9+ is what we expect to see on the Note 9 as well: A 12-megapixel primary camera that can switch between two apertures (f/1.5 and f/2.4) and a secondary 12MP camera that provides 2x zoom and bokeh photos. Super slow-mo videos and AR Emoji will also be a part of the package, and we’re hopeful the former will record in higher resolution on the Note 9 and the latter will work better than it does right now on the Galaxy S9.

    What about the front-facing camera? Well, the 8-megapixel camera that Samsung is currently using is certainly more than enough, but it’s not the best there is. A dual front-facing camera like the Galaxy A8 would make things much more interesting, although, given the Note lineup’s focus on business professionals, the selfie camera isn’t likely to receive much attention. One can hope, though, especially since putting two front cameras on the Note 9 would make it even more special if Samsung isn’t looking to change much with the rear camera compared to the Galaxy S9.

    the Galaxy Note 9 having a much larger battery than its predecessors, perhaps in the 4000mAh range, which has been an area where the last couple generations of Note left a lot to be desired. Not only was battery life simply average rather than exceptional, but the batteries have been marginally smaller than their Galaxy S+ counterparts — which just didn’t make much sense for a phone that’s supposed to be the biggest and best in every respect.

    Twitter leaker Roland Quandt is claiming the 512GB storage variant of the new phone, which is indeed coming to Europe and looks to be landing on UK shores as well. and its confirmed that Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Will Have 8GB Ram And 512GB Storage.


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